Useful LinksSETA has a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and regulations which govern its operation.

If you are unable to find a policy relevant to your search please contact Julie Burns on 0161-480-9822 for further assistance.

Centre rules 2013
HR001 Alcohol & Drugs Policy
HR002 Age Policy
HR003 Race Policy
HR004 Gender Policy
HR005 Communications Policy
HR006 Data Protection
HR007 Data Info Security
HR007 Data & Info Security
HR008 Equality & Diversity Policy
HR009 Equality & Diversity (Handout)
HR010 Facebook Policy
HR011 ICT Policy
HR012 Email Policy
HR013 Internet Safety Policy
HR014 Performance Management
HR015 Physical Intervention Policy
HR016 Smoking Policy
HR017 Harassment & Bullying Policy
HR018 Training Policy
HR019 CRB Policy
HR020 Self Evaluation Policy
HR021 Long Term Sick Leave Policy
HR022 Sick Monitoring & Absence Policy
HR023 Social Networking Policy
HR024 Staff Development Policy
HR025 Teaching & Learning Policy
HR026 Whistle Blowing Policy
HR027 Stress Policy
HR028 Photographing Children
HR029 Standards of Dress Policy
HR030 Proof of Qualifications
HR031 Visitors Policy
HR032 Learner Code of Conduct & Behaviour
HR033 Child Protection Policy_0
HR034 SafeguardingPolicy
HR035 Young App Attendance Policy
HR036 Confidentiality Policy
HR037 Dismissal & Disciplinary
HR038 Grievance Procedure
HR039 Compassionate Leave
HR040 Redundancy Policy
HR041 IAG Policy
HR042 Disability Policy
HR043 Complaints Policy
HR044 Safer Recruitment Policy
HR045 Safeguarding Code of Conduct & Behaviour

This policies and procedures section is underdevelopment and will shortly include  H&S and environmental information.

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